how to keep insulin cold without electricity

If you want to understand how to keep insulin cold without electricity then you are in the right place.

It’s a challenge to keep an insulin cold without having a freezer or some bags to keep the insulin in it.

There are some bags which are used for keeping insulin cool while travelling and these are called as an insulin travel case.

These cases are quite popular in the recent times and lots of different brands have been manufacturing these with fashionable looks.

You can use these bags to keep the insulin cool, and it can be done for a day trip or maybe if you are going for a night trip for camping or something else.

These insulin travel bags would be your best friends during the trip cause they will be keeping your most important thing cold, and that can give you peace of mind while travelling.

If you don’t have the finances to get any of these bags, then you can also go for something DIY and create a cheap box filled with dry ice cubes which will keep your insulin cool.

Always remember to have extra insulin shots with yourself as they can be needed at any moment. Also, remember to keep the shots cooled all the times, or they would lose their power.

Insulin has to be tracked and keeping it cool without electricity can be a tricky situation, especially if you are camping and you are not really in a place where you can get additional if you need them.

how to keep insulin cold without electricity

You can also use the reusable ice gel packs and use a towel and keep the shots in that to keep them cool temporarily as this can be a viable option if you don’t have electricity.

Keep your travel bag organised and always keep your diabetic essentials with you so they can be at hand whenever needed.

Carry a bag which has a specific place to keep all the stuff, or you can also opt-in for a diabetic kit bag which comes with a lot of slots where you can keep everything properly.

Also always make sure not to freeze the shots before taking them as the frozen state of them can be a bit painful sometimes to inject so let them come to the average temperature for a bit and then go for the shot.

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