Affordable Dry Skin Care That Really Works

Do you feel like you have “crocodile skin”? It is definitely because you have dry skin. Subject to itching, tightness, and other redness, it loses all its shine. Here is how to find out if you have dry skin and, if so, how to treat it the best.

Anyone can experience dry skin at some point in their life. Genetics, climate change, pollution, or inadequate care is all causes responsible for dry skin. But how do you know if you really have dry skin or if it’s just a temporary condition? How to choose the right products for this type of skin? There are so many questions that it is important to answer in order to take better care of it on a daily basis. This is the option for an affordable skincare routine for dry skin.

How To Recognize Dry Skin?

Dry skin is uncomfortable, tight, itchy skin that is prone to redness and is easily irritated. Its appearance is dull and its grain rather fine with tightened pores. It is rough to the touch and may even show sores or scales if it is extremely dry.

From a physiological point of view, dry skin is explained by a deficiency of the hydrolipidic film in lipids and water. The latter serves as a natural protective barrier to the epidermis the outermost layer of the skin against external aggressions and helps maintain optimal hydration of the skin. When it is altered, the skin barrier is weakened, its sebum concentration drops and the water evaporates more quickly. The result, the skin dries up.

What Daily Care For Dry Skin?

The products and the care routine must be gentle because dry skin is easily irritated explains dermatologist. You should, therefore, adopt products adapted to this type of skin, which you apply by simple strokes.

Gentle cleaning

Micellar waters, derma-cleansers, leave-in milk and cleansing oils are indicated for those who do not want to use products rinsing off with water, which is often too hard, advises the dermatologist. If the skin is reactive it reddens easily, the expert recommends using soothing thermal water in addition to cleansing and makeup removal products.

How To Properly Hydrate Your Body?

What about the body? You need to use surgras cleansing products or oils for the shower and do not rinse with too hot water. Then finish by patting the body with his towel and applying a special body moisturizer. If you are a fan of baths, you prefer lukewarm water and pour emollients such as oil or natural products such as cornstarch or oatmeal in the water to soften it.

Cocooning Hydration

After having rid the dry skin of the face of the impurities accumulated throughout the day, it must be deeply and gently moisturized using a serum and a cream or a balm with strong hydrating power.

Quick, A Hand Cream!

On the body, we proceed in the same way by applying milk, a balm, or nourishing oil with an emphasis on the driest areas such as the elbows or knees. Do not forget the hands, feet, and lips, which are generously spread with products suitable for these areas, which are also very often subject to drying out.

Scrubs, Masks, Peels: Use Sparingly

Once a week, you can use a hydrating mask, but you avoid the scrub otherwise it will sensitize and irritate the skin further. Also avoid peels, which can be too abrasive for dry skin, calls out our expert. And if you want to use a self-tanner to restore a little tan to the skin, moisturize it sufficiently beforehand so as not to end up with orange “patches” on the face and body.